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Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent

Orange oil has molecule clusters that are able to trap oil. dirt and other impurities, rinsing the dirt away and leaving nothing but a light, fresh, relaxing scent.

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100% Cold-Pressed Orange Oil

Food-grade, plant-based, sustainable ingredients that fights stains and odors with no harsh chemicals.

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All Purpose Cleaner

All-natural, all-powerful, all-purpose household cleaner -Good for all types of surfaces - Refreshing smell that brightens the home

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Amazon Customer Reviews

"A little does a lot. Best laundry detergent for sensitive skin with an incredible fresh smell."

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Fight Stains and Odors with the Science of Nature

All of our cleaning products harness the power of orange oil, the key, active ingredient in our 100% plant-based formula for eliminating stains and odors.

Orange House Cleans Better

Orange oil is combined with a special micellar technology, which are small molecule clusters that are able to trap oil, dirt and other impurities. This chart shows how Orange House tested best against other cleaners, using the same cleaning method.

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