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Harnessing the Cleaning Power of Mother Natures

Orange House was started by Dr. Lin, a PhD horticulturist with over 40 years of experience educating others on the dangers of environmental toxins. As a mom and a scientist, she was concerned about the harsh chemicals that were often used in the homes of friends and family. Assembling a team of top scientists, she got to work creating a plant-derived formula that could clean both naturally and effectively. And most importantly, it had to clean safely. So, this mother found Mother Nature's secret weapon: orange oil, which is a natural degreaser. She then combined orange oil with a molecular structure perfectly designed for fighting dirt and stains, leaving nothing but a clean, fresh scent. Orange House shows that wonderful things can happen when science and nature work together.


Inspired by a mankind's desire to provide a better life for ourselves and those we love, we promise to evolve, invest in science, and bring you all-natural, all-powerful home cleaning products.

Fight Stains with the Force of Nature

Orange oil is a fierce and environmentally-friendly degreaser. because greaseless orange oil is attracted to other oils, dirt and stains

Be Kind to Sensitive Skin

100% hypoallergenic for all sensitive skin types, it uses only USDA plant-based ingredients to clean naturally with no harsh chemicals.

Protect Our Planet

USDA certified to be plant-based, we make it sustainably with orange oil sourced from upcycled orange peels leftover from juicing. so no part of the orange is wasted.

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A fresh, natural clean is just a simple click away, so you can focus on what's really important

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